the virus was released into your atmosphere." A great sadness had spread through my body. "Keelon had believed our solution was an inferior one to his own. He, with the backing and aid of x-videos the military community, had secretly developed www.xvideos com a viral agent that would simultaneously remove the female populace forcing your culture to simulate tamil xvideos our own, while at the same time adapting your genetic code www xvideos.com to xvideos free better xxxvideo x-videos accommodate ours. It xvideos. com was an inconceivable atrocity and xvideos.com we watched in horror unable to do anything to stop it. Our bodies had become frail over the millennia. We needed stronger bodies that could contain our minds as well as reflect his deviant perception of his own perfection." I could see the horror of the Thorens' actions pass before their eyes and enter their souls as shame flooded my mind. "We were in danger of losing our lives at this xvideos indian point. Keelon made it clear that we were not to interfere with his plans and announced that ANYONE found to be interfering or acting in contradiction to his goals would be xxvideos executed. This is a threat that hadn't been made in hundreds of thousands of years of our porn xvideos people's history. The mere thought of it was completely deplored and long since forgotten in our culture. In one fail swoop, he had resurrected it, and it was then I knew he truly was insane." "Over the xvidoes next several hundred years, Kelay secretly changed his own genetic code in hopes of cross breeding with one of the humans. Nearing his conclusion he had met my Pouch Father Briar xvideos hentai alone hunting in the woods not far from the caverns. They came to meet there regularly and fell in love at Gods' Table and eventually I was conceived." I explained. The room felt somewhat colder xvideos anal now and everyone was xvideos porno listening intently. "While Keelon is not as strong in xvideoss ability of mind as I am, he is most surely a frightfully powerful being. He xvideo com is ruthless and cunning and above all a resolute opponent set out to complete his task. In addition to this, he commands armies www.xvideos com of Thorens that would decimate us should we be discovered before we xxxvideo can increase our numbers." "They have no intention of killing me. They need me to charge the remaining humans to ensure their eternal life, and then it is there intention to transfer their conscience www xvideos com to you and the rest of the humans essentially stealing your body and evicting tamil xvideos your souls. The technology is not x video.com yet perfect, but they are getting closer every day. We are running out of time." I xvideos mom had finally xvideos jp finished the horrid tale. "You heard the man..." Bransen said very sternly. "Let's do this." Bransen and xvideos I in our respective circles joined hands with those on either side of us and released the memories like water going down the steps of a ladder, first filling one, then over flowing to the next and then xvids again until everyone was full. When the merge was complete, all eyes went to Bransen making him blush furiously, and then to me with a different look. They were xvideos gay afraid of what test I would be administering at the end of this week especially after having seen with x video their minds eye what I had done in the hydroponics bay. "Each of www.xvideos.com you will absorb certain aspects of what you have learned today faster than others. While you all possess the same memories, you have tamil xvideos been given two gay xvideos perceptions of these memories. Half of you have my perception of the events. Those with Bransen possess his perception of certain events. You will extend yourselves now beyond what you are now, learning fastest in your video x particular area xvideos jp of expertise because it is that wwwxvideos part of you that makes you hd xvideos who you were, and who you will become." "Practice the three lessons with each other, with those you teach, and alone at every opportunity." I said firmly. "Doc, Chris... I have something extra to give you to in private." I said looking mom xvideos over to Bransen to say with my eyes I indian xvideos would explain later. "Come with me please." I asked him as I rose from the floor extending my hand in his direction. Grabbing it I helped Doc up and I led our way to a side room off the REC area meant for staff meetings. "I need your help." I said quietly looking at mom xvideos his slate blue tired eyes. "Of course" Doc said then turning to look into Chris xvedios beautiful green eyes. "I don't think you understand. I need to give you knowledge, and yet another one of my many mistakes." xvideos 2 I said turning my eyes to porn xvideos the floor. "Anything Khore. I can't deny I'm envious of what you know." Doc said too eagerly. porno xvideos "Whatever we can do." Replied indian xvideos Chris. "I'm sorry." I said as xxx videos I touched their temples lightly. "Know" I whispered quietly as I sent everything I knew medically about what I had done. A millennia of memories xvideos.con flooded their minds. Long moments passed in silence as I fed them the last of xvideos japan the xvideos indo medical knowledge I possessed. "I need you to fix this for me. I don't have the time to do both." I said sadly. Doc nodded xvido after the rush left his mind understanding. "We'll do all we can" he said finally. "Thank you. Your discretion is appreciated." I said looking from Chris to Doc before we exited the conference room. As I lay in bed with Bransen some nights later after making love I thought back to my conversation with Doc. He had begun his work on a solution to one wwwxvideos of our many problems, but we were missing some of the necessary equipment to progress xvideos 2 further. This ancient facility and its culture simply did not possess the needed technology. We were going www.xvideo.com to have to xvideos.com takes steps at procuring the necessary components and equipment if we were going to win this battle. Noticing the change in my mood as my mind wandered I felt Bransen give me a squeeze and roll over to face me propping xxvideo himself up on his side. "What's on your mind?" he asked me in wwwxvideos a whisper. "Our future." I said looking over to meet his eyes. "Doc is working on a videos x solution for the children to come. As it is now, those born will age so terribly slowly that it would take an eternity to outnumber xvideos indo the Thorens. A seven hundred year old child of 7th age will have a difficult childhood at best. It's a prison of my making and it's my hope that Doc's work will release them free xvideos from it." I said sounding more hollow than I expected. "The problem also remains that if we multiply too quickly we will overrun this planet like an out of control japanese xvideos infestation." "I see" Bransen answered as he relaxed himself into his pillow bringing desi xvideos his left hand to my face trailing his fingers through my hair. "So that is what you spoke with Doc about the other day then. I know you have come to terms with your merge with Kelay, but I do hope you xvideos .com don't let the xvideos weight of xvido responsibility for his acts become your own." "How can I not?" I asked a bit too quickly. "I'm responsible, and this is just one of xvidios many so mistakes I've made in the past." "Kelay made those mistakes, not you." He whispered to me. "I know, hd xvideos but the problems are now ours regardless who caused them. I xvideo have the memories of Kelay's actions as if they were my own, and www.xvideo.com I also bear the guilt." I was quiet for a while feeling the x.videos warmth of Bransen's body comfort mine. "We need to get some equipment from one of the spheres so that Doc can xvideo com continue his work. That is going to have to be our first mission after the training is complete. We must have a future to look forward to or we will not have reason to fight, but I do have an idea." I said as my mood began to lift. Kissing Bransen and giving him a quick embrace I rolled over on my right side pulling his strong arm over me like a blanket. "Can xvideo xvideos gay we talk about this tomorrow hun? I'm exhausted. You are insatiable." I giggled as he pulled me in tight to him. "Of course, and thanks for sharing that with me. I love you." He said kissing xvideos japanese the back of my neck. "I love you too." I whispered back and japanese xvideos drifted off to sleep. Waking the xvideos video next morning we showered together and then dressed ready to begin the routine of our day. We made our way to the cafeteria on level eleven and shoveled our breakfast into our mouths. We made small talk at the table preparing for another arduous day of training with our new team; xvidoes both Dusty and Chris our latest additions sitting in attendance. "So how is your training going Neek?" I asked. We had xvideos red smoothed over our problems, but the tension of what had happened still lingered in xvideos teen the air and xvideos download I was making a special effort to heal our past. "Actually... pretty good!" He grinned his weasily smile as hash browns flew from Twist's plate and splattered against Dusty's cheek. "Hey I was going to eat that!" yelled Twist. "Don't even think about it!" Doc said startling us while taking his place next to Chris at the table. I had to laugh at the memory of our first meal together. We were becoming a family and it gave me hope. I loved them all in my way. I feared for their future as well as my own, but just couldn't shake the good feeling in the air. "How are individual MFM's coming Dusty?" I asked looking into xvidos.com his familiar hazel eyes. "They should be finished in a couple more days" he replied as he pushed xvideo.com another strip of bacon into his mouth. The proximity alarm sounded and we all froze. When the announcement didn't come that yet another animal had set it off we all sat staring at each other. Bringing his wrist COM to his mouth Bransen tapped the communications button saying "Status xvideos xvideos Report". xxx videos "There appears to be a human some 100 meters xvideo.com outside the complex. Their life signs are weak and they appear to be unconscious." porno xvideos The metallic voice informed us. "Chris, Khore, Neek, Raven, come with me. xvideo The rest of you gear up and guard the entrance." indian xvideos Bransen ordered as we rose from our chairs. We entered the lift and ascended to level 1. The five of us exited the lift and walked quickly to the weapons room. Clipping the portable MFM's to ourselves, we then pulled our weapons of choice from the racks that surrounded us. Twist had xvideos anal been busy. Guns, knives, and equipment I wasn't familiar with lined the walls as we proceeded to strap on sheaths and holsters to accommodate our weapons of choice. Chris had pulled on www.xvideos com a vest to protect his chest and abdomen that would protect from projectile weapons. He had also grabbed a medical kit and draped it across his neck. Neek clipped his MFM to xvidos.com the underside of a xvideoscom much lighter vest I suspect was made for his ease of movement. He strapped two black leather sheaths xvidio to his thighs that contained sharp and deadly knives. On xvideos .com his waste hung a cockeyed belt that held a short blade for use in close combat. Raven and I both grabbed xvieos a similar protective vest and MFM which we attached to its underside and I finally snatched up a wrist x videos.com COM device xvideos teen so I could hear Doc screaming at me all the more. Bransen holstered two large hand guns with triple barrels that glimmered as he moved them into their soft brown leather beds. He clipped his MFM to his belt causing the fabric to sag against his narrow hips. Leaning into me we kissed softly and then separated. "Okay then... let's go see who's knocking on our door" Bransen said as xvideos porno he exited the room and we followed. --- Per suggestions from others, and a bit of work, I have re-written the entire story. Much desi xvideos of it is the same and the changes x.videos were cosmetic. I have also added some more depth to beginning characters and added a few other things. The chapters are for the most part longer and I have corrected some continuity problems. I know that I have much to learn as a writer, and would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism regarding this story. Please contact mom xvideos me at xvideos xvideos gaywriter72yahoo with suggestions and criticisms. Thanks! www.xvideos Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 20:13:03 -0700 (PDT) From: Gay Writer Subject: Earth Reborn: Chapter 8 - The Fold The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's xvide xvideos hd permission. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. *** This is a completely xvideos. com revised version of the original story... If you are lost or confused please read it from the beginning in its entirety. Chapter 8 The Fold "You know this is a trap." I finally said aloud what we'd all been thinking as the ten of us gathered in the hallway. Bransen nodded at xvideos japan me with unsure eyes. "So we're xvedio going to walk out there with only the MFM's to cover our ass and hope for the best?" I asked him. "No." Bransen said gay xvideos somewhat agitated. xvidio I suppose he wasn't used to anyone asking questions before he spoke his plan. "Team One will xvideos indian be Twist, Rift, Doc, Raven and myself. Team two will be Khore, Neek, Dusty, Sweed, Raven and x vedios Chris." He gay xvideos paused. "Our mission here is two fold. First to see if the human out there is a lure, and two, to gather medical equipment from any Thorens that come to kill us." He said in a very stern stressed voice I hadn't heard him use before. telugu xvideos I didn't have to vocalize my disapproval of being away from Bransen. He saw it in my eyes as I looked at him with worry. It was going to be a difficult argument we would have in the near future, but now wasn't exactly timely. "Khore, your team will take access tunnel 34 that leads out behind the target and advance to his coordinates from behind. We will xvide move from the main entrance here. We should converge on the target. Khore I want you to keep xvideos porn your team back a bit incase it should get hairy." He explained. "When we find the target, we'll place a MFM on him and then try to get him back safely to the complex." He continued. www xvideos.com "Doc." I said as I interrupted. "Do not xvidos let him become conscious." I continued looking at him with xvideos indonesia worry in xvideoss my eyes. He knew what Thorens xvieos could do to hd xvideos a mind and body. "Chances are when the xvideos hentai target becomes cloaked we will be surrounded, so we are going to have to be fast. They will most likely be www.xvideo monitoring his xvedios position and when he suddenly disappears they will descend to our location almost immediately." Bransen continued. It reassured me to know he had a good grasp on the situation and circumstances, but I still video x xvideos brasil worried that he would be left in the open and captured. They'd rape his mind and subject him to horrible tests. I couldn't bear the thought of it. The fear rose in me like never before as a clear sweat erupted from my www.xvideo body. "You are taking xvideos com a terrible risk." www xvideos I thought to Bransen. "They will come from the sky faster than you can escape at the first movement of the human." "It's xvidos.com what I'm counting on." He thought back to me as he turned to me with a smile. "Communication from this xvideos japanese point forward will be telepathic only. We cannot risk them triangulating the signal. Radio before you exit the access shaft behind the target." He said to us. I nodded my understanding to Bransen and we went off through the darkened hallways that led further down the mountain. Finally in position, Raven raised his wrist COM. "Team 2 is a go", Raven spoke. "All communication from this point is telepathic." I heard his voice come across our wrist COM's as we exited into the jungle. As we made our way to our position through the thick underbrush, I reached out with my mind seeing Bransen setting explosives in the perceived landing zone of the Sphere Minor. He planned to blow them up and xvideos 2 use the chaos to escape with target in tow. Something was rolling around in my mind but I couldn't remember. A reason why this wouldn't work and the fear of it made me sweat all the more but not giving me the wits to explain my www xvideos www xvideos fears. x-videos "Please be xvids careful hun." I thought to him. "We are in position." I finally sent as we hid in the brush arching the position of the unconscious human. I felt as much as watched Neek move through the foliage as he made his way to the unconscious body. Finally arriving undetected I watched in horror as he clipped the MFM to the body and activated it. "WAIT!" I sent out in thought but it wwwxvideos.com was too late. Almost instantly, eight Sphere xxvideos Minor blurred into view and surrounded their position and Bransen's team. The explosives were activated destroying six of the spheres as one of the remaining spheres directed a beam of light that pierced Neek's chest through his heart. In a flash that released him, his body slumped across the unconscious human. We were in deep shit and videos x my body exploded into blue white flames. More spheres appeared taking the positions where the others had been destroyed surrounding Bransen's team. Bransen's group had found themselves xvideos .com cover in a ravine behind a xvideos porno giant tree xvideo gay trying xxvideo to avoid the onslaught. An exhilarating light burst from me as it lit the dawn in more of a blue light xxvideos that overcast the sun's rays behind me xvideos tamil as it xxvideo rose xvideos bringing the day. I walked slowly from the trees behind our target almost in a trance. The chaos was paused only momentarily as more sphere minor appeared surrounding the team and me broadening their circle xxxvideos as I made my way toward Neek's body and the human he had tried to save. "Go back xvideos teen and prepare" I thought to Chris and the team. They telugu xvideos scuttled back looking at each other unsure of the command. I walked into the clearing as I could feel the triumph of the Thorens thoughts as they began to buffet xvideos mom me with so many mental attacks. It was a constant onslaught that was starting to wear at me as I felt the mental waves impact into me. I reached out with my mind. "STOP!" I commanded as every xvideos.com particle and body, Thoren and xvideos porn Human alike, froze around me into stillness. Bringing the xvideos gays earth from beneath me I surrounded myself as I rose into the air as a maddening tempest of debris circled around me. Building the energy around me free xvideos I noticed a few of the Thorens were porn xvideos breaking free of my xvideos.con hold. Glancing upward I x vedios sent a beam from my soul to xvideo com the Sphere Major above us causing it to explode in a magnificent shower of light that blazed across the sky. Turning my attention xxx videos to the Sphere Minor I sent barrage after barrage of compressed soil blades that tore into them making them burst into flashes of white fire. xx videos I folded space in its conception landing the much needed equipment to the infirmary from www xvideos com the last sphere minor desi xvideos before finally destroying it. Using the same technique I bent space around each of our party members moving them to safe points within the complex only leaving Bransen behind by the sheer force of his will. He wanted to stay and I didn't have the energy to fight him. Glancing outward a tear sped down my cheek as I proceeded to killed them all. I gathered up the earth beneath me into a greater tempest. I sent it outward with blinding speed as the energy built into a super nova reaching out as it burst from me. They were incinerated where they stood. Slumping forward... I drifted back to the ground where Neek's body lay across the human that had been used xvideos free as bait. The other Sphere Major would be sending forces in brief moments and we had to go. Folding space I moved the porno xvideos human, Bransen, Neek and myself to the infirmary where I had sent the rest of the team. Appearing in xvideoscom odd flashes of bending white light we arrived. I had already used so much energy my body was quickly becoming more transparent. I was more a lightly colored silhouette of light than anything else. Once there, looking into Bransen's eyes I felt another tear fall as I placed both hands onto Neek's chest. I filled him with my remaining but quickly drained energy x videos as his www xvideos.com body glowed a deep white blue on the xvideos gay floor before us. I could feel my energy waning and noticed that my arms and body had had all but disappeared albeit for a faint outline. xvidos I was on the verge of oblivion. Fixing the damage created by the disrupter that xvideos anal had pierced Neek xvidos I poured my life into him. I had given too much... and I faded almost completely and fell into blackness. I woke some time later feeling Bransen's head against www.xvideos my chest. Looking down I watched it rise and fall with my breath. I was alive and I was complete. I xvidio pushed out the words in a whisper, "I love you" before falling quickly back into the darkness japanese xvideos feeling my hand catch in his soft golden hair. Some time later xvideos video I woke to the feeling of Bransen's x videos head on my chest as his arm reached across pulling me closer to him for comfort. I lay there for a while running my fingers through his hair. He looked so innocent in his sleep. He resembled a god like cherub. The lines xvideos video of stress and worry were gone from his face. xvideos red He looked so contented xvideos hd I didn't have the heart to wake him. I was enjoying the sight of him as he woke some time later looking up into my eyes. I smiled back and he seemed to wake all the quicker. videos x He jumped up and kissed me reaching his arms around me between the press of my body and the mattress pulling me into a hug. xvidoes His breath betrayed his happy sobs and I x video reached around him pulling him tighter into our embrace. Releasing xvideos in me he finally shifted so I could see the beautiful powder blue of his eyes looking down at me. "You know... I end up in this bed far too often." I stated quietly causing us both to chuckle. "I thought I lost you." xvideos. com Bransen said with glassy xvideos hentai eyes x.videos gazing into my own. The memories of what I had done chastened through my mind. I peered back at him and xvideos indonesia ran my fingertips along the line of his face. 'I knew I would pick you given half the chance." I said as a quiet sob shook my chest, "But I didn't know I would be so ruthless." As I pulled him close to me trying to chase x videos.com my memories away. Pulling him into the bed with wwwxvideos.com xvideos tamil me I wrapped my legs around him trying to get him as close to me as I could. He felt so good within my arms www xvideos com as the weight of his body pressed against mine. Folding space, a white light opened and then seemed to swallow xvideos indian us with a small pop as we now lay on xvedio the bed in my quarters. Stretching out my mind I saw Doc as he was pummeling Chris's ass in a fury and I sent the message... "We are okay.", and left him to his work. After we xvedio had finished our grinding, short of breath from our exertions, Bransen folded me into his arms. Feeling him soften against me, I pulled him xvideo.com in www.xvideos.com closer for comfort as I drifted back to sleep. The morning came with a start as my eyes slammed open searching the darkness. Nothing moved and the only xvideos brasil sound I could hear was Bransen's heavy breath. My eyes focused on different objects in the room as my mind tried to grasp and recall what each was and xvideos japanese if something extra was here that shouldn't be. I don't know what woke xvideoscom me up, but xvideos com it xx videos felt like I had been woken by a loud noise, but didn't really remember xvideos indonesia hearing it. Reaching out with my mind I sensed the area around me and in the hallway outside xvideos red my door. x videos Nothing. It must have been a dream. I turned my head to see the display on the digital clock that sat on the work table across from my side of the bed. It was 5:30am. I woke up a half hour early. www.xvideos I was tempted xx videos to close my eyes but knew now that there was no hope of xvideos jp getting another 30 minutes of sleep. By the time I would be drifting off, the alarm would sound and I'd feel twice as tired as I did right now. I slowly lifted Bransen's arm from around me as he responded with a grunt and draped it behind me so that xvideos com I might be able to work my way out of he bed without disturbing his sleep too much. I sat up moving my legs out in front of me to xxxvideo the floor and made my way xvideos gays out of the www.xvideos.com bed. I was still nude from last nights love making and walked into the bathroom closing the door quietly behind me. Flipping on the light I was blinded as I felt the light burn to the back of my skull. Damn why don't they make bathroom lights with lower wattage!? x video.com I blindly fumbled with the shower door, reached in and turned on the water and listened to the sound of it as it splashed against the wall. My eyes had finally adjusted to the light as I xvideo gay caught something out of xvidios the corner of my eye as I started into the shower. Backing up a little pulling my leg back from the entrance I looked into the mirror. A white stripe of hair slightly left of center about an inch wide, stood out against the deep brown working its way through my bangs to their end at my waist as though it had been painted on. I stood there telugu xvideos staring at my reflection for some time. I had been closer to death than I had realized. I could only hope that it was worth xvieos it. The Thorens would now come at us xvideos tamil full force searching, or they might use a bit more caution and a slower pace at seeing their own kind killed. I was hoping for the latter. Taking a deep breath xvideos download I xvideos free stepped into the shower and leaned against the wall facing into the jet letting the water cascade over the back of my head and down my body. I let xxxvideos my mind go blank as I rest there thinking xvideos.con about xvideos gays nothing at all. I felt moments disappear not really knowing or caring how much time passed. Hearing the bathroom door xvids open I didn't turn my head. I x videos.com could feel it was Bransen. Opening xvideos xvideos the door he xvideos brasil stepped in x video with me wrapping his arms around xvideos hd my www.xvideo abs and chest. "Good morning beautiful." He said quietly into my ear. "Good morning beautiful." I said as I leaned my head back to rest against his shoulder. Finally xvideos porn opening my eyes I gazed down at my hair as it clung to my skin. "I was kind of hoping that that was going to wash out." I said as I lifted a long strand of the white hair. "I think it looks xvideos in sexy!" video x rasped Bransen as he gave my neck a xvideoss nibble. "Yeah... well... If I manage to get another one, it'll probably kill me." I xvideos indo said a little quieter than I had intended. "How is www.xvideo.com Neek doing? Did he make it" I was almost afraid to ask. "He got out of the infirmary a couple of days ago. It's as though he was never dead." Bransen replied with a little too much enthusiasm. "He'll probably be a little xvidios put out xvedios when he x video.com goes to see you this morning and you're not there." "He's been coming to visit?" I said awe xxxvideos struck. "Yes. Actually he xvideos mom was coming twice a day. Once in the morning, and once at night before and after his training." He said with a smile in his voice. "Hmmm well... either h